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why bean together

A new chapter of your life begins when your family gains a new member.

Use Bean Together to strengthen your bond with your partner during this precious time.

Weekly Information

Stay updated with curated weekly information

Know exactly what to expect when you're expecting with our weekly guides.

Understand exactly what your partner is going though and how you can support  them.


Create a timeline of your growing family from the earliest moments

Strengthen the bond between you and your partner by working together to create a journal of your pregnancy term.

Community forum

Connect with the Bean Together community

Connect with other users and share your experiences. Ask questions, share ideas and get answers from couples like you.


Keep track of all your pregnancy appointments

Connect with your partner's account to perfectly sync your calendars. Get updates and notifications about all upcoming appointments.

Push Notifications

Update your partner with automatic push notifications sent straight to their phone.

Linked Accounts

Connect directly with your partner by linking your Bean Together accounts.

Share Content

Post the content from your timeline directly to social media like Facebook and Instagram

Bean Together was the most useful tool during my pregnancy term. It kept my partner and I in sync on all things baby. I especially liked the journal. At the end of the 9 months my partner and I had a beautiful timeline of our pregnancy to look back on.

Sarah Smith


My family loved the photo album feature. Having all of Micheal's baby photos in one place meant my parents could always look at pictures of their grandson.

Patrick Tompson


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